Wahroonga get it started

g-IMG_0059A warm sunny afternoon Welcomed the Stags at cliff oval.
The Stags were well represented by 12 fit, well muscled, solid Rugby types, ready to take on the pride of the North Shore.

The first game was against Killara West Pymble and with assistance from Lindfield and Penrith players the Gordon Boys matched their more fancied opposition (fancied by themselves) and scored some quality tries off well constructed plays. The hot weather was kept at bay by Coota doing his best impression of the “Water Boy”

Our president had a seniors moment and has little knowledge of the day and has forgotten that I lent him $50.00. Hope you remember Bez.

Matty, Sausage and Niko worked hard in defence and the oppositions frustration showed with a little bit of spite  in the ruck nothing we couldn’t handle.

Our second section was against Wahroonga and as is usual a solid game ensued , a number of tries were exchanged , some solid defence and some quality attack, in fact better than some played on the big screen. The attack was sparked by some clever play by Rocky, Matty C and Rod C

g-IMG_0047The final run was a ba bas game and a number of us went and had a run and bit of a laugh.

Solid games by Hans ,Chris and Alex cemented a solid start to the season, so roll on Manly.

All in all a good start to the season numbers wise but it would be good to have 15 on the paddock in our colours and a sub or to would be even better. So come along and enjoy a game a beer and a laugh.

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