Stillbillies Gala Day Sunday


Stillbillies Gala Day Sunday 12th April

9 playing Stags, 2 non-playing Stags and numerous supporters turned up, under threatening skies, for what turned out to be a fantastic game of rugby.

Neither our hosts nor the guys from Petrified Forest, Old Manly Steamers or Hornsby Busted Lions could field a full team. A quick decision was made to play Barbarians (Stags/Stillbillies, pictured above) versus Barbarians (Forest/Steamers/Lions), over 4×15 minute quarters.

The first quarter was an arm wrestle, with the visiting Barbarians marginally dominant.

The next three quarters however saw the home Barbarian cut loose. With Bruce, Roy, Martyn and Nico immovable in the (non-contested) scrum, the platform was set for the Stags dominated backline to run riot. Ricky, Dave, Scott, Matty and Rocky seemed to be able to score at will.

As usual the game ended in a draw and all participants (maybe not spectators) agreed that it was the best game they had played in years.

Rugby was the winner on the day.

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