Okay, before I start let me preface this by saying this is going to be an advertorial, but this is one with a difference. In this one we both get something.

The Gordon Stags website is hosted through Smarty Host. We’ve got a great offer that has us hosted for the next 20 years for a one off cost including all their power tools like the Photo Gallery, Shop and Blog. I’m going to see about using the Blog during the Festival to give all those at home daily updates.

So why am I telling you this?

They have a special offer called MATES RATES and we all know what that means………..yep, discounts for our friends. The best part about this offert hough is that we get a kick back too.

Here’s how it works.

Any time you purchase a new service from Smarty Host  simply quote the Mates Rates Discount Code below. You’ll get a whopping 10% discount off the listed price.

Every time one of our mates, or your mates, uses our discount code we receive a 5% credit voucher of the transaction. The 5% voucher accumulates with each of our mates orders.

So the more services our mates order the more money we accumulate as a voucher. We can use this voucher for renewal, upgrades and new services, extra space for all those photos you all seem to like.

Mates Rates Discount Code: QGL974WPK

So, if you or your company or your friends or your friends companies (that’s right pass it around, share the love. It doesn’t matter who uses the code), are in the market for a domain name or web hosting check out Smarty host and if they suit you use the Mate Rates code for a great discount and help the club out at the same time.

Smarty Host are recognised as one of the best web services companies in Australia, why? because they not only do it smarter, they do it cheaper and they do it all. Check out their list of services and if anything takes your fancy don’t forget to use your Mates Rates Code.

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