Biennial Elections Held

Our Leader

Our Leader

As is usual after the World Golden Oldies Festival the Gordon Stags Golden Oldies Committee meet to hold the biennial (fancy word meaning every two years) elections to appoint new committee members.

This year Bob Lollback was elected President. Bob has been playing and touring with the Golden Oldies since 1987. He has been Vice President, President and is a Life Member of the Golden Oldies. Bob organised the tour to the festivals in South Australia and Toulouse, France, which included 44 people on a 10 day pre tour of Spain, Portugal and France as the Festival week in France.

John Finch was re-elected Treasurer having held the position since 1991. Being a retired member of the Banking fraternity we are in very good financial management hands.

Mark Cummins moves from Social Organiser to Vice President with Matt Fowler taking on the Social Organising role. Karl Houghton, due to his absence from the meeting and because he’s done such a great job, was re-elected Equipment Officer. Matt Prowse will, as always, continue to do a great job organising our games.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bill Banham for all his work as President.

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