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The Stags and the Bledisloe Cup
The Stags and the Bledisloe Cup

We are the official Over 35’s team of the Gordon Highlanders, dedicated to continuing the traditions and promotion of the game of rugby not to mention a bit of fun, friendship and fraternity, as well as a few beers, along the way.

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Players Wanted!!!

Come along and join in the fun and mateship of Over 35’s Rugby

Stags on tour in the UK

Stags on tour in the UK

The Gordon Stags are looking for players to come and join us in the fun of playing Over 35’s Rugby. Who knows, you might even be tempted to come to the World Oldies Rugby Festival with us to be held this time in Fukuoka, Japan during the first week of November. Anyone who’s been will vouch for how great that experience is.

NO Prior experience required
NO Minimum fitness levels
NO Training required
NO Mandatory Attendance
It’s not every weekend
(Usually every 2nd or 3rd)

It’s all about running around the field and having a great time with a beer and a BBQ thrown in. Games are usually 20 minute thirds and played in the spirit of “Everyone goes home in one piece” with unlimited substitutions – you can play for 5 or 10 minutes and then substitute off for some rest and recovery if needed.

A port before kick off

There's always time for a port before kick off

We play approximately every 2 weeks from the last weekend in March to mid October and, whilst we like to ensure we get a full team to as many games as possible, attendance is not mandatory. After all, we’ve all got lives, and wives, that need attending to.

No experience is necessary and for those who are new to the game of Rugby, or those that need to refresh their memories since they (like many of us) last played in high school, the IRB has produced a Beginner’s Guide to Rugby (2.8MB download).  The Guide provides useful information about the laws of the game, referees signals, positions and how to play. So now you’ve got no excuses for not joining us in a game of Oldies Rugby.

If you’re interested, or just want to come along to see what it’s all about, Click Here to contact our President who’ll be more than happy to give you all the details and welcome you aboard.

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Stillbillies Gala Day Sunday


Stillbillies Gala Day Sunday 12th April

9 playing Stags, 2 non-playing Stags and numerous supporters turned up, under threatening skies, for what turned out to be a fantastic game of rugby.

Neither our hosts nor the guys from Petrified Forest, Old Manly Steamers or Hornsby Busted Lions could field a full team. A quick decision was made to play Barbarians (Stags/Stillbillies, pictured above) versus Barbarians (Forest/Steamers/Lions), over 4×15 minute quarters.

The first quarter was an arm wrestle, with the visiting Barbarians marginally dominant.

The next three quarters however saw the home Barbarian cut loose. With Bruce, Roy, Martyn and Nico immovable in the (non-contested) scrum, the platform was set for the Stags dominated backline to run riot. Ricky, Dave, Scott, Matty and Rocky seemed to be able to score at will.

As usual the game ended in a draw and all participants (maybe not spectators) agreed that it was the best game they had played in years.

Rugby was the winner on the day.

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Manly Men and Petrified Rats

StagsAgain the Gods of the game paid forth a magnificent sunny day, in fact a little to sunny and at times quite warm.
This was the first time Manly had hosted the Stags and we had the opportunity to play on their first grade ground. I should mention that our friends from Forest also attended along with some ring ins from Warringah and “our friends” from Dee Why.

The Stags out did themselves with 16 players making the trip to the beach, with 3 new players, the usual suspects and some old faces back we are a formidable lot.

The first game was against Forest and saw the Gordon boys putting together some quality play and were rewarded with a good try in the corner. It was good to see Gifted back at 9 and giving good service to both backs and forwards. Forest aided by their ring ins competed well against the Stags and traded tries to make for an entertaining game.

Our second go was against Manly with a little help from their friends and this clash saw plenty of ball movement and some solid play in the forwards and then the backs took control for a number of high quality tries.

With 16 players there are too many to name it was just great to see a Gordon Stags team complete with no ring ins, we hope this is a portend for future games. Mind you it would be remiss of me not to mention a couple of notables:

:Chris “The Bear” Perfect dropping the ball with the line wide open and rightly rewarded with the MUGS mug.
:Coota doing us proud by winning the boat race.
:Roland and Greg on making their debut.
:Piet for completing a game with his memory intact (I know he didn’t play)
:And the rest of us for making the effort to turn up and make our Team a force once more in Rugby.

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Wahroonga get it started

g-IMG_0059A warm sunny afternoon Welcomed the Stags at cliff oval.
The Stags were well represented by 12 fit, well muscled, solid Rugby types, ready to take on the pride of the North Shore.

The first game was against Killara West Pymble and with assistance from Lindfield and Penrith players the Gordon Boys matched their more fancied opposition (fancied by themselves) and scored some quality tries off well constructed plays. The hot weather was kept at bay by Coota doing his best impression of the “Water Boy”

Our president had a seniors moment and has little knowledge of the day and has forgotten that I lent him $50.00. Hope you remember Bez.

Matty, Sausage and Niko worked hard in defence and the oppositions frustration showed with a little bit of spite  in the ruck nothing we couldn’t handle.

Our second section was against Wahroonga and as is usual a solid game ensued , a number of tries were exchanged , some solid defence and some quality attack, in fact better than some played on the big screen. The attack was sparked by some clever play by Rocky, Matty C and Rod C

g-IMG_0047The final run was a ba bas game and a number of us went and had a run and bit of a laugh.

Solid games by Hans ,Chris and Alex cemented a solid start to the season, so roll on Manly.

All in all a good start to the season numbers wise but it would be good to have 15 on the paddock in our colours and a sub or to would be even better. So come along and enjoy a game a beer and a laugh.

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Oakhill (and Friends)

At the Breakdown

At the Breakdown

Chatswood Oval provided the perfect setting for our first game of the 2012 season. A cooling breeze blew across the perfectly prepared pitch as Eleven of Stags “finest” took to the field with the aid of Five of our “brothers” from Killara West-Pymble.  In addition, we had the very welcome services of “Big Matt” and “Big Bruce” from Wahroonga to join in North Shore alliance versus the dark side forces from the North West, OakHill & Eastwood.

The Oakhill lads arrived with a squad of Ten and were ably supported a willing bunch of about Six Eastwood Old Charcoals.   So, let the game begin.

Let the port begin

Let the port begin

The Stags forward pack certainly took it up to the opposing forwards.  The Mighty Stags  comprised of Brett “Nico” Nicholson, Robbie Bissett, Rod Cheney, Peter “Bez” Bezuidenhout (looking pretty lean and keen following a 12 month spell) and yours truly, Graham “Macca” MacDonald.  In support were the “heavyweights” of big bad Bruce and Matt, who both assisted magnificently.

Bruce scored a nice bottle of red for his efforts at the after match function.





The backs struggled to make many breaks with the limited amount of ball the forwards could secure.

Jeremy Anderson had a crack at half back until “Tricky” Rick Brennan turned up late and got the ball moving out wide to Chris Perfect and Scott Tanfield in the centres and Thomas “Rocky” Roch on the wing.  On the other wing new recruit Allan Tricker was quick to turn his past rugby league experience to advantage of the Stags.

rucking the ball

It’s in there somewhere


Just as well Golden Oldies matches always end in a draw otherwise this was not one of our finest displays of defense without the ball or free running rugby with the ball. However, the match was well controlled by referee Mark Montgomery and thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially after the game with the help of a few icy cold ones and the odd hot sausage sanger.

Many thanks to Dianna, Coota and Hamish for their skill on the BBQ, Finchy for keeping control of registrations and match day collections, Jon Leek who made a fleeting appearance from Perth and Alex “Grumpy” Burton for running the water & taking copious happy snaps.

port and water

All the essentials

Conspicuous by their absence on the day were the following:

Recovering from old or recent injuries; Karl Houghton (neck) and Matt Curran (knee)


Overseas; Matty Prowse (flying high), Dave Whitely (soaking up the rain in Fiji), Buddy Travers (preparing for trekking in Nepal), Pablo B (skiing France when we last heard)


Work & other commitments; Kris Weston & Matt Redward (chasing the bad guys), Nick Gleeson (new dad), Gene Burns (son’s footy game), Martyn Riddle (sailing function), Mark Stavely (in Geelong watching AFL)

You can view more photos here (Thanks Grumpy)

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KWP and Morning Dew

Happy Birthday Macca
Happy Birthday Macca

A scheduling mix up saw the Stags game conflicting with the Highlanders grade games and meant the Killara West Pymble game scheduled for 12:30pm moved to 9:00am. This was always going to be hard after Saturday night festivities and, as it turns out, us old blokes like to enjoy a sleep in on Sundays. A big thanks goes to the KWP guys for accomodating our time change as such short notice.

The early start saw the dew still glistening on the grass of Chatswood Oval as the workers and volunteers started setting up for the days Highlander games against Sydney Uni. Neither side fronted full teams – seems the lure of the warm bed is too much for some people – but with a couple of rugby tragics from Wahroonga to pad out the KWP team we were able to kick off a game of 12-a-side rugby with 5 man scrums and the full complement of backs.

Well nearly 12-a-side, the Stags has to start one short as our President Graham “Macca” MacDonald turned up well late after celebrating his 60th birthday the night before. You’d have thought that by now he’d know not to organise a big birthday extravaganza the night before a game. Let’s just put it down to being an old forward who’s bashed it up the middle a few too many times.

As you’d imagine with 12-a-side the game started off with great gusto and some free running rugby. Both sides were pretty evenly matched with a couple of tries each and ended with the Stags taking the ascendancy in the first 20 minute stanza thanks to some pretty slick work in the backline that was finished off by our wingers. The hardest task of the game was stopping Big Matt and Bruce from Wahroonga as they charged down on us. Will have to work on our dividing up the players for teams skills.

The second 20 saw KWP come out with renewed vigour and we all settled into a great game of rugby with talented forward play backed up with fast running backs. KWP showed great form backing each other up to make one break than ran for almost 60 metres just by hitting the line and turning to pass to a team mate who was always close behind. Great to watch and nearly resulted in a try for them. The defence on both sides was up to the task and neither side made much headway in the scoring stakes but plenty in the having fun category.

Runaway freight trainRunaway freight train

Not sure if it was the unfamiliarity with 12-a-side rugby or the early morning start but the third 20 saw the Stags take hold of the game over a tiring KWP thanks to some clever foward play followed up by quick ball across the back line to our flying wingers which at one stage included the big fella, Karlos, who was put into a gap on the sideline and sprinted 50 metres in the clear before remembering he is a 115kg forward who really wasn’t supposed to be running that fast, or that far, and looked for support to pass to before collapsing from the exertion. Due to the lack of reserves the big guy was conspicuous by his absence for the next 5 minutes as he tried to recover from his blistering display of speed by sucking in as much air as possible whilst not throwing up on the field.

As is usual with Golden Oldies Rugby it all ended up a drawn game that was refereed to perfection by a new comer to refereeing Golden Oldies games, Mark Montgomery. We don’t usually give refs their due, after all they don’t know the rules as well as us, but Mark did a great job and we look forward to having him back again sometime in the future. For his efforts we presented Mark with a bottle of red to drink whilst he fondly remembers his mornings work at Chatswood Oval and hopefully not too much of it will come flying out of his nose when he cracks up laughing at us old blokes.

The boys all tucked into early morning beverages to celebrate a great mornings rugby and listen to the post match speeches. The after game presentations were short and sharp, mainly to all bar one of the KWP boys having to leave for kids sporting commiments. Needless to say he was presented with our player of game medal for his tenacious tackling, spirited running and, most of all, his commitment to staying around for a drink afterwards – the Steven Bradbury of Golden Oldies Rugby.

The Stags award was tough as so many players showed fine form and it was great to see so many of the new guys making the effort for the early morning start. In the end the award went to Matt “Croz” Crozier for his outstanding work in the backline and a classic “take their legs out” takle on Big Matt from Wahroonga.

Game OnGame On

I would think at this stage it’s pretty clear who the recipient of the Stags “Mugs Mug”award is going to be, after all to organise your 60th the night beofre a match and then turn up late is one thing but when you’re President of the club it’s just unforgivable. Yes, that’s right, our President Graham “Macca” MacDonald was this weeks Mug’s Mug. He certainly looked like he was doing it tough chug-a-luging that beer as the boys sang happy birthday to him.

A big thanks too to Hamish “Gifted” McDonald who, even though injured ,came and ran water for us – cheers mate, it’s really appreciated.

A Special mention should also be made of Pablo “Alarm Clock” Bedawker who turned up around lunch time looking sheepish and apologetic for having slept in and missing the game. At least he made amends by hanging around to help out on the BBQ.

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